From meditation apps to electric bikes, find out how to give your health a boost with the help of these products and services.

Add more dried fruits to your diet

(California Raisins)

California Raisins can help to get you one step closer to a balanced, plant-rich diet that’s high in fibre, low in saturated fat and packed with vitamins and minerals. Dried in the hot California sun, these naturally sweet raisins are rich in potassium, iron, copper, manganese, vitamin B6 and selenium. They’re also fat-free and low in salt, and contain less than 100 calories per 30g serving. Sprinkle them onto your porridge, blend them into an energising smoothie or mix it up with dried fruit combos . You can even try adding some raisins to your pilau rice.

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Reduce eye strain with an eye massager


Tired of looking at a screen all day? Consider giving your eyes a much-needed massage with RENPHO Eye Massager. Currently the number one best-selling eye massager on Amazon — and also featured on The Drew Barrymore Show — it includes air compression bags designed to massage the acupressure points around the eyes and temple area, as well as built-in heating pads. The product is 180-degrees adjustable and portable, and also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers to connect with your smartphone.

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Improve your confidence with a hair transplant

(The Wimpole Clinic)

Based in London’s Harley Street, Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic specialises in male and female hair transplants. Dr. May – a key figure at Wimpole Clinic for more than 30 years – and the team have been instrumental in developing the revolutionary FUT technique, and more recently the clinic has pioneered refinements to the minimally invasive FUE transplant technique. Voted Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year for a second year running at the Corporate Live Wire prestige awards, Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the oldest and most experienced hair transplant clinics in the UK, delivering natural results since 1975.

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Find a moment of space in your busy routine

(Moments of Space)

Forming a regular meditation habit can be difficult, as it demands time and stillness – two things many of us lack or find hard to achieve. The Moments of Space app can help you overcome this barrier. Its short, guided and on-the-go content allows you to fit meditation into even the busiest of days, whether you’re at home, between meetings, or walking the dog. The smart notifications remind you to slow down and create more opportunities for what the programme calls ‘moments of space’. The app’s content is divided into structured and personalised paths — you can tell the app how you feel, and it will create a bespoke meditation journey that’s right for you.

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Use an app to manage your eating habits and keep fit


HitMeal helps its users manage food intake and count calories, while taking …….


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