When choosing your skin care products, you may consider factors like your skin type and any underlying skin conditions. But there are other factors that play a role in your skin health, such as biological, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Traditional skin care products might not account for everything, but a new wave of skin care products — personalized formulas — aim to dig deeper. If you view regular skin care products as one-size-fits-all, personalized skin care is completely customized to your needs.

PROVEN Skincare is a personalized skin care line that uses AI and machine learning to create customized products. Here’s what to know about PROVEN Skincare and whether this type of advanced personalized skin care system is right for you.

PROVEN Skincare was founded in 2017 by Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan, a computational physicist from Stanford University. It describes itself as a smart skin care company that offers personalized skin care solutions that change as you move through life. Instead of all customers using the same formula, the formula changes depending on the consumer’s unique skin needs and external factors.

There are many skin care companies claiming to create personalized skin care regimens, but PROVEN is among the most comprehensive. Its skin care database — the Skin Genome Project — is powered by artificial intelligence that analyzes information input by the user to recommend a tailored skin care regimen.

The database consists of more than 20,000 skin care ingredients, 100,000 cosmetic products, 20 million testimonials, and 4,000 scientific publications. The final piece of information comes from the users themselves.

After completing a short questionnaire, the intelligent database assesses the needs of the consumer while referencing data points like their region’s water hardness, humidity level, and UV index. The Skin Genome Quiz asks questions about your sleep hygiene, diet, stress levels, alcohol consumption, current skin care regimen, skin type, age, sex, and much more. In total, the quiz spans 47 factors to learn about the condition and needs of your skin.

Since PROVEN Skincare is fully custom-made to each individual’s needs, it’s for everyone. It’s especially helpful for anyone frustrated with traditional skin care products that don’t work for them.

It’s suitable for anyone with acne-prone and sensitive skin, two of the most difficult skin concerns to address with conventional products. The Skin Genome Quiz accounts for the severity of breakouts, level of oiliness, and degree of sensitivity to formulate products that account for issues that usually make it difficult to shop for skin care.

For those interested in clean skin care formulas, PROVEN Skincare uses clean ingredients. The formulas are also cruelty-free for anyone who follows a vegan lifestyle.

PROVEN Skincare offers three core products that make up the Custom 3-Step Skincare Routine: the Cleanser, Day Moisturizer, and Night Cream. While each routine consists of the same type of products, the products themselves have varying ingredients tailored to each individual.


Any good skin care routine starts with a clean face. Step one of the custom-made routine is to wash your face with the Personalized Cleanser.

It’s made with natural ingredients that remove dirt and makeup so skin feels fresh before moisturizing. Though the ingredients can vary, your unique cleanser may contain green tea extract, mandelic acid, or salicylic acid. The face wash also tones and exfoliates, so it’s three products in …….


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