The Skin Microbiome is a new dimension in skin health and beauty care. Skincare and health have been the topic of discussion and research for the past few years. While the studies highlight multiple ways in which skin health can be maintained, the best-kept secret to holistic skincare is the microbiome.
“Microbiomes are a complex, invisible eco-system of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi that thrive on the skin, maintaining skin’s immunity while ensuring a hydrated and glowing complexion,” says Roshini Sanah Jaiswal, Promoter & CEO of a skincare, and beauty brand.

While the notion of skincare has pivoted around the aspects of ‘squeaky clean ’ and ‘anti-bacterial’, making the bacteria bad for skin, the new generation of skincare products have proven otherwise. Instead of removal of bacteria, they have harped on interacting with the microbiome to maintain its diversity and health, leading to the restoration, preservation and enhancement of skin at its very root.

“The skin microbiome plays a huge part in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the skin by keeping pathogens at bay and regulating the skin’s reactions to stimuli in the immediate environment. It also reduces inflammation, which can cause redness or dullness, premature ageing and acne. An effective way to keep the ‘good bacteria’ in check is to lead a healthy lifestyle consisting of balanced diet, maintaining an adequate water intake and exercising.
Skin care products focus on interacting with the microbiome by removing anything that causes imbalance in it, adding a barrier for protection, and using ingredients that enhance and support its strength and diversity, leading to a far more holistic beauty regime for the consumer,” says Roshini.


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